You are wearing a house of cards! Remember your rock!! How he used to exaggerate all his word.

You are wearing a house of cards! Remember your rock!! How he used to exaggerate all his words Her mother-in-law sent her to her father’s house, disturbed by the praises of her father’s house. Seeing Shail praising her father-in-law’s house, Shail’s father was filled with joy, but he did not know when they would take Shail to his father-in-law’s house! He wrote an exchange letter to Shail’s mother-in-law telling everything. Shail’s mother-in-law understood where Bouma’s problem lies in the letter conversation. Told son to bring Shail back immediately.
But the problem is not always solved so easily. Friendships are lost, families are broken, emotional distance is created.
I have noticed very well that there are some people who talk too much, we often think it is because of their simplicity or generosity. But that is not always the case. In many cases the effect of these words is fatal. Most of the time, while bringing the world of one’s imagination to the dust, the influence of the imaginary words has a tendency to be fatal. It becomes a habit to exaggerate. Even if there is nothing to talk about, they don’t stop talking! He exaggerates by extending far what can be concluded in very few words. Wants to make the world of imagination a reality. And presented in such a way that there is no way not to believe it. Later in the flow of time everything is revealed. As Shail’s fantasy world unfolded. But many times due to its influence the environmental situation goes out of control. Sadh’s house often breaks down without his knowledge. It is definitely a mental illness. If you can’t get out of this dream world, you have to lose a lot of things in life, because this word can break and build. This is what you can do after, and who after.

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