Learn the formulas of life to make life beautiful and practice it every day

|| The formula of life ||

Knowledge – Every branch of science has its own basic principles. If you want to read physics, you have to know Newton’s law of motion. If you want to know economics, you have to understand the relationship between supply and demand. In order to live a happy life, you need to know some basic principles of life. De that – in any situation there are positive and negative points. Positive points are – opportunities, logistics, your strengths, successes, helpful people, etc. – that is, all the points that help you move forward. And, the negative points: problems, crises, obstacles, your weaknesses, bad people, dangers, etc. Since these two things exist in all situations, the important thing is – your decision, your mentality. If you magnify the negative point, you will feel frustrated. Can’t stop it. So first look at the positive points. Emphasize these. Combine these points.

Let’s see what else – there are positive points, there are opportunities. Is there anyone who can help you? Try to get his help. It may be that you did not get the help you were hoping for. So in the end are you willing to take the initiative yourself? Ready to walk alone if ‘no one comes to hear your call’? Prepare yourself for this. Whatever the situation, go ahead and dare yourself.

|| Habits ||

Most of the time you try to do simple things? Or hard work? There are 100 crore people in the country to do easy work. Do you want to be a normal person like them? Even if you fail to work hard, remember: 16% failure means 2% success. Your goal will be to make this 2% 5%, then 10%, then 25% … so on. Write down on paper three tasks that are very difficult for you. Read them again after writing. Now ask yourself: “Things are very difficult, but what is impossible? The answer that comes to your mind is – no. Now choose one of those three jobs. Then plan to do the job. Set goals, write the steps one by one. Let’s get started. If you practice like this two days a week, in a month you will see that your courage and strength have increased a lot.


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