Chanakya Principle: It is safe to stay away from these three types of people

1) Negative thinking:

He instructed people to always stay away from negative thoughts and actions. Negative thinking destroys a person’s abilities. When negative thoughts begin to dominate that person, the person gradually becomes self-absorbed. Then severe financial crisis occurs in the life of such people because Lakshmi Devi never resides in those houses.

2) Hear no evil and do no evil:

One should keep away from evil as much as possible as it is one that begins to destroy the inner humanity. By doing and listening to evil, one’s personality and working power begin to diminish. As a result his image in the society may be tarnished and distanced by others. Even if money comes in hand, if you cannot get rid of this behavior in time, then you may fall into financial crisis very soon.

3) Abandoning Greed:

Only the Chanakya principle says to give up greed. Greed is something that always hurts. As a result a person becomes cruel and selfish. Your senses begin to dissolve in greed. Such people can never be happy because the feeling of greed always prevails even after having money in hand. Lakshidevi never likes such people. Hence extreme financial hardship occurs at critical times of life.

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