Ginger prevents ovarian and colon cancer

Ginger has many properties. Not only as a spice, ginger is also used in the food industry, in the preparation of beverages, pickles, medicines and perfumes. It is also very popular as herbal medicine.
Do you know what? By consuming ginger, one can be protected from the attack of major diseases. So without further delay, let’s know the various roles of ginger in getting rid of diseases.

Mix one teaspoon of ginger juice, one spoon of tulsi leaf juice and two spoons of honey and drink two to three times a day to clean the throat and voice. Cough will disappear after 7 to 10 days.

Those suffering from chronic dysentery should dry ginger powder. One gram of powder should be mixed with warm water and consumed regularly. Diarrhea will decrease.

Ginger prevents stomach discomfort. Ginger is very effective in gastric control.

If you have pain at the root of the tooth and swelling of the gums, keep the faith. Mix two spoons of raw ginger juice in half a cup of lukewarm water and keep it on your mouth for 10 to 15 minutes. Using it twice a day for three days will reduce both swelling and pain.

Ginger helps prevent colon cancer. Besides, it plays a major role in the treatment of ovarian cancer.

If there is a big cut anywhere on the body, take some dry ginger powder and press it on the cut place to stop the bleeding. This will help the cut to heal quickly.

If you have a sudden cold-fever, mix two spoons of honey with one spoon of ginger juice and drink it twice a day for two days.

Ginger keeps tonsil pain, headache, typhoid fever, runny nose, nasal congestion and spring disease away.

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