That is why women are attracted to men

Women are attracted to men because of their special smell. No body spray or cologne can give such a smell, but certain foods. Such information has come out in the study of researchers from the University of Prague.

Scientists conducted three different studies. Half of a group of men are fed cheese sandwiches. 12 grams of garlic is crushed and mixed with it.

The other half of the group eats only cheese sandwiches. Then their body odor was tested. It also looks at how much variation in smell is caused by smoking or sweating in particular. Every man in the group is given a cotton pad under his armpit. Through this their sweat and odor is collected. A cotton pad is kept for 12 hours. A week later the same test is repeated. After that the women smelled these cotton pads. They also rank which pads smell more attractive. Tests showed that men who ate cheese sandwiches mixed with garlic smelled more attractive, pleasant and masculine to women.

The body odor intensity of all these men was also low. A 1-7 point scale is used to judge the attractiveness of men to women based on smell. Men who ate garlic sandwiches scored 2.9 to 3.1 points on the attractiveness scale. The difference is that men’s body odor plays an important role in attracting women.

Scientists say that the change in male body odor is due to the antioxidant content of garlic. Or is it the magic of garlic’s healthful properties. Perhaps the difference in flavor is due to garlic’s cardiovascular or antibacterial benefits.

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